Speeding Tickets in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are caught speeding in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can be fined and may have demerit points placed against your driver’s license. The amount of your fine or the number of points that you receive is dependent on how fast you were driving over the posted speed limit. Whenever your driving speed goes over […]

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Seatbelt Ticket Las Vegas, Nevada

When driving or riding in a vehicle through Las Vegas, Nevada law requires the use of seatbelts or child restraints for everyone inside of the vehicle. According to the Statutes of Nevada 1987, all vehicles from the year 1968 and newer must be equipped with lap belts in all of the available seats to be […]

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Nevada Demerit Point System

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has a demerit point system in place to keep roads safer. If the court finds you guilty of a driving offense, you will receive a number of points against your license. For each offense, the designated demerit points will remain on your license for a period of 12 months. […]

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Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Fix Attorney