Nevada Demerit Point System

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has a demerit point system in place to keep roads safer. If the court finds you guilty of a driving offense, you will receive a number of points against your license. For each offense, the designated demerit points will remain on your license for a period of 12 months. However, the driving offense will stay a part of your permanent driving record.

Nevada Demerit Point System

The Nevada Demerit Point System is designed to deter unsafe driving practices.

Accumulation of Demerit Points

The demerit points will accumulate and can negatively effect your drivers license. Once you have received 3 or more demerit points, the Nevada DMV will mail you a written notification. If you have from 3-11 points, you can have 3 points removed by attending and passing a traffic safety course. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles must first approve of the safety course. However, the court will not remove points from your record, if the course is part of a plea agreement.

12 Points in 12 Months

If you acquire 12 demerit points over a 12-month period, suspension of your license will be automatic for at least 6-months. The DMV will send you a certified letter to provide you with notification that your driver’s license is under suspension. You have the right to a hearing to contest the findings of the DMV.

Point Values Based on Offense

The demerit point system is based on the presumed severity of the offense. No demerit points are issued for serious traffic violations. Serious violations include those that result in severe bodily harm or death and offenses such as DUI. If you are found guilty of any of these types of offenses, this will result in an automatic suspension or revocation of your drivers license. With a commercial driver’s license, you may be subject to additional penalties and points.

Commonly Issued Demerit Points

8 Points – Reckless Driving
6 Points – Careless Driving
6 Points – Failure to give information or render aid at the scene of an accident
4 Points – Following too closely
4 Points – Failure to yield right-of-way
4 Points – Passing a school bus when signals are flashing
4 Points – Hand-held cellphone use or texting (For 2nd or subsequent offenses)
4 Points – Disobeying a traffic signal or stop sign
2 Points – Impeding traffic, driving too slowly
2 Points – Failure to dim headlights

Demerit Points for Speeding

1 Point – 1 – 10 mph over posted limit
2 Points – 11 – 20 mph over posted limit
3 Points – 21 – 30 mph over posted limit
4 Points – 31 – 40 mph over posted limit
5 Points – 41 mph or more over posted limit
2 Points – Prima Facie speed violation or driving too fast for the conditions

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