Speeding Tickets in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are caught speeding in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can be fined and may have demerit points placed against your driver’s license. The amount of your fine or the number of points that you receive is dependent on how fast you were driving over the posted speed limit. Whenever your driving speed goes over the posted limit, it is considered to be a moving violation. A speeding moving violation is considered as a type of misdemeanor, which can become a part of your permanent record. There is a chance that you can have your speeding ticket reduced by finding an experienced traffic ticket attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Speeding Ticket Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are caught driving in excess of the speed limit in Las Vegas, NV you will most likely be issued a speeding ticket. For assistance getting the ticket reduced or dismissed contact Attorney Bennair Bateman at 702-605-0505.

About Speeding Tickets in Las Vegas, Nevada

Before you make a decision to pay or ignore your Nevada speeding ticket, it can help to learn about your rights from a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney in Las Vegas. Following are some frequently asked questions that can help you to learn more about what type of penalties you can face for speeding in Nevada.

What are the laws regarding speeding in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Speeding is considered a misdemeanor moving violation. You could also face reckless driving charges, which could be better handled by a traffic ticket lawyer. While it is always best to stay within the posted speed limit on any road, there are some circumstances where drivers should take extra precautions by driving slower. Officers from the Nevada State Highway Patrol and the Las Vegas Metro police department may monitor school zones and road construction work areas more than average regions of roadways due to the safety risks.

In Nevada, there are four laws that are associated with speeding that a driver should always remember. These are:

  • It is unlawful to drive at any rate over the posted speed limit, which will never be more than 80 miles per hour.
  • It is illegal to drive at a speed that is greater than 80 miles per hour.
  • Drivers must take into account the weather, road conditions, and amount of traffic to avoid driving at an unreasonable rate of speed.
  • It is unlawful to drive at any rate of speed that could potentially result in property damage, injury, or death.

If you get pulled over and receive a speeding ticket, a qualified traffic ticket lawyer can help to determine if there is anything that you can do to reduce or even possibly avoid the penalties that you may face.

Nevada’s penalties for speeding

In the state of Nevada, each county and city has its own fine scale that is based on how many miles per hour over the posted limit that you were driving when you were pulled over for speeding. In the city of Las Vegas, you will generally be fined $205 for speeding. In the city of Reno, you can be fined anywhere from $115 to $220, depending on how fast over the posted limit you were driving. The Nevada DMV will also impose demerit points against your license. You can check the regulations for your jurisdiction or you should speak with a traffic ticket attorney to find out the specific fines that can be levied against you in your city or county.

Fines can be doubled if you are caught speeding in pedestrian safety, school, and work zones. These zones are clearly marked. Because of the additional fines, you might wish to consult with a skilled traffic ticket attorney to discuss your options.

There are times when driving slightly over the posted limit in Nevada is a simple infraction and not a moving violation. If you are speeding slightly on a rural road during daylight hours, you can be fined $25 and receive no demerit points against your driver’s license. However, you can only be driving up to 10 miles per hour over the posted speed if it is listed at 60 to 65 miles per hour and 5 miles per hour over if the posted speed is 70, 75, or 80 mph. These rules may not apply in certain counties.

Can I fight a Las Vegas speeding ticket?

You might want to discuss the facts of your situation with a skilled traffic ticket attorney. There are possible scenarios that may make a good defense for your specific situation. These include:

  • An emergency situation
  • A police officer error
  • A false accusation

In any of these circumstances, a good traffic ticket lawyer in Las Vegas might be able to provide a defense. Witness testimony, video evidence, and investigation by your traffic ticket attorney might be enough to have your speeding case dropped from a moving violation to a simple infraction.

Is it possible to get the speeding ticket dismissed?

It is possible to have a speeding ticket reduced or dismissed in Las Vegas, Nevada, especially if you get help from an experienced traffic ticket attorney. However, if you have an extensive history of receiving tickets, have a lot of demerit points on your driver’s license, or if you have a serious criminal history, you might not be able to have your speeding ticket dismissed. In these cases, you might want to obtain the advice or assistance of a traffic ticket attorney.

Will I receive points on my license?

As a misdemeanor moving violation in Las Vegas, Nevada, speeding will result in a set number of demerit points being issued to your driver’s license. The number of points that you receive is based on the number of miles over the set speed limit that you were driving.

  • 1-10: 1 point
  • 11-20: 2 points
  • 21-30: 3 points
  • 31-40: 4 points
  • 41 or more: 5 points

If speeding resulted in a reckless driving charge, you will face 8 demerit points being placed on your driver’s license. Because your license will be suspended if you reach 12 points, it can be imperative to allow a traffic ticket lawyer to represent you in front of the judge. Points that you accrue on your license for a moving violation in Las Vegas, Nevada, will stay on your license for a full year. It is important that you do not allow points to build up too much that you lose your driving privileges. Working with a traffic ticket attorney may save you from accruing points that could affect your ability to drive in the state of Nevada.

Do Nevada speeding tickets affect insurance rates?

As a moving violation, a speeding ticket can really affect your insurance rates. Your premiums will generally go up even if the change is not noted right away. This is because insurance providers will typically check on the status of your driver’s license for any new points or suspensions. Getting an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to represent you in court can help to reduce the speeding charges to a non-moving violation, which will usually not affect your insurance rates.

Does Nevada require traffic school for speeding tickets?

In certain cases, traffic school may be ordered as a part of the sentence that you receive for speeding. This is usually reserved for those who are caught driving at an incredibly high rate of speed. While you may not be ordered to attend traffic school, you may choose to do so within 5 days of a guilty plea on your Nevada speeding ticket In these cases, you might be able to have your speeding offense lowered to a non-moving violation. If you have between 3 and 11 points on your license, you can attend traffic school to have 3 points removed. You can discuss the matter with your traffic ticket attorney.

Can I just forget about my ticket?

If you do not pay your speeding ticket by the due date or if you do not show up for your scheduled court hearing, the judge will issue a bench warrant. Although police officers in Las Vegas, Nevada, may not go out of their way to serve you with a bench warrant for speeding, you can be arrested for such a warrant if you are pulled over for another moving violation or any other reason. This is why it can be important to talk with a knowledgeable traffic ticket lawyer before you decide to ignore your ticket.

If you missed your court date or did not pay your fines on time, you may need to hire a traffic ticket attorney to help you to resolve the warrant and any other penalties that you might face as a result of ignoring a speeding ticket.

Will a ticket make me lose my commercial driver’s license?

The same demerit point system is used for those with a CDL as for regular drivers. However, if you drive 15 miles per hour or faster over the posted speed in Las Vegas, Nevada, this is considered as a serious offense. If you receive two serious offense moving violations within a certain time frame, your CDL may be suspended. You have an obligation to notify your employer of any moving violation you are charged within a timely manner.

What about out-of-state licenses and Las Vegas speeding tickets?

You will have fines that you must pay to the court in Las Vegas, Nevada. Because each state has its own demerit point system, you will most likely receive points based on a speeding offense in your home state. You should consult with a traffic ticket attorney from your state to learn more.

Is it possible to “seal” a Nevada speeding ticket after conviction?

You will have to wait for a full year following your conviction to begin the record-sealing process. If your case is dismissed or if you are acquitted, you can begin the process of sealing immediately. This process may go more smoothly with the help of a qualified traffic ticket lawyer.

Should I pay or fight my traffic ticket?

Because a speeding ticket can result in fines, demerit points, a criminal record, and increased insurance rates, it might be beneficial to find an experienced traffic ticket attorney to help you to have your ticket dismissed or at least reduced to a non-moving violation.

Should I fight my speeding ticket in a trial?

Because speeding is a misdemeanor moving violation, you may be able to have a trial before a judge. This is called a bench trial. You cannot go before a jury for this type of offense. Most speeding cases do not go to trial. Rather, the defendant’s traffic ticket attorney and the prosecution will generally come to an agreement outside of a trial.

Should I hire a Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Attorney?

If you plan on fighting your speeding ticket, it is important that you understand the process. You can increase your chances of having a successful outcome by finding the right traffic ticket attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada, to help get your charges reduced or even dismissed.

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